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How I Protect My Hair from the “Heat Happy” stylist

My hair worn straight. No pressing only blow dried on low heat, and straighten with a ceramic flat iron..
2 weeks after straightening my hair. No heat damage occured. I ALWAYS prep my hair before going to see my stylist for ANY services providing HEAT. 1. Deep condition 2. Bring my OWN hair protector 3. REQUEST NO press and curl! Ladies YOU DO have CONTROL over what someone does to your hair. Don’t just sit in the chair and let them do whatever.

For starters I refuse a press every time I go to my stylist, I request they blow dry on low heat, and then use the ceramic flat irons to straighten my hair. I also bring my own heat protectant called TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Hair Spray.. This works WONDERS for my hair. I have type 4B and 4C hair, my curl pattern is alot looser in the back and sides of my head. The middle is more coarse. I’m especially careful to add a bit more to those areas with this product. I also deep condition my hair before I’m scheduled for heat. I’m very big on protective styling but these past style I burned my ass with it.. Cut too far up into some damn box braids and fucked my shit up.. I was in TEARS!!! But I realized that it was ONLY hair and that it would grow back.. You will see a pic of what I’m talking about… All chopped and screwed… GRRRRRR!!! Normally I only straighten my hair for length checking and to trim my ends. Because with my lifestyle I can’t simply keep my hair straightened. For one it can be damaging to the health of your tresses, secondly, I’m an AVID gym goer. So it would be a waste of my COINZ! Annnnnd like the internet sensation SWEET BROWN says “Ain’t NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!!” My next post I will be talking about my current protective style! Also displaying the EPIC fuck up done on my behalf…. Stay tuned! Love my curl girls! 


Jamaican Blk Castor Oil and Hair Growth




I’ve started using JBCO (Jamaican blk castor oil) and a spray bottle filled with water to mist my hair daily, and the length retention has been AMAZING!! JBCO has some amazing properties as far as hair growth goes..

Image 6/6/2013 I Big chopped on 3/3/2013

Image11/2013 8 months after I big chopped! Shrinkage is REAL. 

JBCO stimulates the hair follicles, and is an anti fungal oil that does WONDERS for the health of your scalp, which is essential for hair growth! I’ll get into all of the science behind it in another post. I’m a former product junkie, but these days.. All I need is my JBCO, and a spray bottle full of water! My regime is SIMPLE! From March to October I have acquired 7 inches of growth on my 4b type hair. I only use shampoo every MONTH, I co-wash every 2 weeks.. I use my JBCO to massage into my scalp (do this on lightly damp hair) take a small smidget of JBCO and apply to my ends.. Then I lightly mist each section, twist it up and bantu knot it! I’ve rocked protective styles for all 8 months! I have a collection of wigs, you know to SPICE it up since I’m only using protective styling.. Don’t get it twisted fellas we have hair, but we deal with this evil thing called SHRINKAGE!! #IHateThatShit #ButMyHairHealthyTho.. Ladies and Gents remember to mist the hair daily.. The key to growing natural hair especially those of use with 4 type hair is MOISTURE and little to manipulation to your beautiful tresses!! That is all for this blog post, let me get back to work! HAPPY GROWING LOVELIES!! 

My Beautiful Hair Struggle


This blog will be about me and the struggle I’ve had with finding what works for me and my 4B hair!  I’ve big chopped my hair a total of 3 times within 7 years.. All due to chemicals. I have very soft hair, and I KNOW chemicals do not work for me, but yet and still I would put them in my damn hair.. What’s the definition of INSANITY?? Umm yeah, she was I, and I was she!! The last BC was in March 2013. I had been going to my stylist for 2 yrs and she suggested I’d texturize my hair and of course trusting her and not what I KNEW about my damn hair, I went for it! This was the first time chemical had touched my hair in ummm 4yrs.. After it was done and rinsed out I KNEW I had made a mistake!! The ends were STRAIGHT and the mass was a very lose wave, not a fucking CURL! I went home that day and CRIED my eyes out, and was anxious as hell to cut the shit out! Needless to say,

ALL 12 inches of my hair fell and broke off, I kind you not in 3 months!! LORD HAVE MERCY! My former stylist tried to save the little bit I had left, but I told her to just cut all that shit out! I mean what was the damn point? LOL!  Anywho, fast forward to 9 months later! My hair has went from a fade to 8 inches retained! I will like to credit that to my protective styling and NO HEAT! When I tell you I KEPT a half wig on my head! I did just that! These days I’m rocking my “poetic justice” jawns.. It’s time for them to come out, I’ve only had them in for 1 month and I have HELLA new growth! Thank you JEEEEEBUUUUSSS!!!! Long story short, I vow to NEVER put another fucking chemical in my head, nor will I do a color… FUCK ALL OF THAT!! For those of you out there struggling to manage or deal with your hair, know this I feel where you are coming from! But I PROMISE you it will get better and the results will be REWARDING!! Happy growing my lovelies!!