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My Beautiful Hair Struggle


This blog will be about me and the struggle I’ve had with finding what works for me and my 4B hair!  I’ve big chopped my hair a total of 3 times within 7 years.. All due to chemicals. I have very soft hair, and I KNOW chemicals do not work for me, but yet and still I would put them in my damn hair.. What’s the definition of INSANITY?? Umm yeah, she was I, and I was she!! The last BC was in March 2013. I had been going to my stylist for 2 yrs and she suggested I’d texturize my hair and of course trusting her and not what I KNEW about my damn hair, I went for it! This was the first time chemical had touched my hair in ummm 4yrs.. After it was done and rinsed out I KNEW I had made a mistake!! The ends were STRAIGHT and the mass was a very lose wave, not a fucking CURL! I went home that day and CRIED my eyes out, and was anxious as hell to cut the shit out! Needless to say,

ALL 12 inches of my hair fell and broke off, I kind you not in 3 months!! LORD HAVE MERCY! My former stylist tried to save the little bit I had left, but I told her to just cut all that shit out! I mean what was the damn point? LOL!  Anywho, fast forward to 9 months later! My hair has went from a fade to 8 inches retained! I will like to credit that to my protective styling and NO HEAT! When I tell you I KEPT a half wig on my head! I did just that! These days I’m rocking my “poetic justice” jawns.. It’s time for them to come out, I’ve only had them in for 1 month and I have HELLA new growth! Thank you JEEEEEBUUUUSSS!!!! Long story short, I vow to NEVER put another fucking chemical in my head, nor will I do a color… FUCK ALL OF THAT!! For those of you out there struggling to manage or deal with your hair, know this I feel where you are coming from! But I PROMISE you it will get better and the results will be REWARDING!! Happy growing my lovelies!!