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Hello All! I'm a 20 something naturalista! I'm from Detroit, MI, and I've been natural for 7 yrs! I'm a lover of ALL things natural, a foodie, a newly health and fitness nut, a lover, a loyal friend, and an all around fun person to be around! This blog will take you on a journey regarding ALL things natural, and THEN some! Come and take a ride with me! Thank you for peeping into my world! Love yourself and life will be GREAT!

The Greenhouse Effect


The Greenhouse Effect

TheGreenHouseEffect spritz hair with water.. Apply a light oil like coconut to your protective style in my case “Cleo prison braids” cover with a plastic cap and cover with satin scarf. Go to sleep and VIOLA’!!! Soft and moisturized hair! VERY important for 4 type hair! Think about plants in a greenhouse.. YEP! That’s the purpose of this method #SimplyNatural313 aye! Don’t judge my pics on my living room wall.. I have judgemental ass ppl following me.. It’s kinda sad.. But whatevs.. Marilyn Monroe is to women as Scarface is to men… Now what? Hope you all had a #SundayFunDay


I have found a LOOP HOLE!



Hello my lovelies, it has been a MINUTE since I’ve blogged, and truthfully it is because the e-mail attached to it was compromised in the “HeartBleed” virus. I also no longer had the password.. BUT! The password is saved here on my PC at my mom’s house.. So I will blog from this computer until I can get things situated! I’ve missed you! How has everyone been?!!

Weekend Hair (Twist Out Mohawk)





I decided to wear a twist out this weekend versus my usual protective style of a half wig! I periodically wear my natural hair w/o the ends tucked, but as we all know in the natural hair community, this is not a safe practice, if you’re trying to retain length! I rocked my hair like this all of 2 days. I did the twist on wet hair, after my cowash routine, then I flat twisted my hair on the sides, and free style twist throughout. I find that using small perm rods work best for me in reducing the shrinkage for this type of style. Today is Monday, I will no flexi-rod my hair and wear that for 2 days.. Then I will co wash again, and braid my hair into 7 plaits in preparation for my half wig. I really don’t like to mess in my hair, because I am on a goal for MAXIMUM length retention. It has been exactly 1 year and 1 month since I BC’ed. I am looking forward to where my hair will be year 2! Until next time my loves! Love and LEARN your hair, and it shall FLOURISH!!! Be loved! Be pride! Be YOU! MUAHHH! 


Moisturising naturally curly hair

I LOVE this!



If you have naturally curly hair or are thinking of transitioning from relaxed to curly hair, you’ve probably heard of the importance of moisture in the hair. So let’s look at the basics.

What exactly is moisture?  Moisture simply refers to plain old water, and/or water based products.

Why is moisture in the hair so essential? Curly, coily, mixed race and black hair tend to be on the dry side. There’s nothing wrong with it. That’s just the way it is naturally. Unlike straight hair, the sebum, which is the oil found naturally on our scalp, can’t easily travel down to the ends because of the kinks and curls, leading to dry hair. This dryness can wreak havoc on our tresses if our goal is to grow healthy, long and beautiful hair. This is where water comes in. When we apply moisture to our strands it increases our hair’s…

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“Happy” by Pharrell cover by Detroit Academy of Arts & Science

This video made me HAPPY!!!! Triumphs all videos of youth twerking, cursing, senseless violence, etc. This here gives me hope for our future! Detroit isn’t all that bad. The media portrays us Detroiters as savages. But it is what it is.. Detroit vs. Everybody