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Hello All! I'm a 20 something naturalista! I'm from Detroit, MI, and I've been natural for 7 yrs! I'm a lover of ALL things natural, a foodie, a newly health and fitness nut, a lover, a loyal friend, and an all around fun person to be around! This blog will take you on a journey regarding ALL things natural, and THEN some! Come and take a ride with me! Thank you for peeping into my world! Love yourself and life will be GREAT!

why ALL MEN CHEAT on Loyal Women


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When I confessed to my EX’s questioning of my fidelity over a year ago, all she could say was “wow”. She seemed very taken aback by my answer. So today, when I was asked ‘why men cheat’ by a young lady during a Public Speaking event, I was initial hesitant to share the full conversation me and my EX had about her suspicion of my lack of loyalty.

“Can you tell me why all men cheat on loyal Women?” a curly haired PreMed student asked me today, during my public speak to a room full of 300 Women. My response to her question was,

“Males cheat on loyal women to boost their ego. A woman can be perfect for him. Beautiful, career minded, own money, cooks, does whatever he wants her to do in bed, loyal, intelligent, educated, faithful and…

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Living Redecoration

Hello My Natural Hair LOVELIES!! I’ve been hella busy, with school, work, and MOVING!! I think I am the only person who gets excited about moving into new spaces because that means to me A NEW BLANK CANVAS to work my magic on. Below is a pic of my living room, missing mirrors and artwork, but once that has been placed I will upload another photo. I LOVE interior decorating and design. I am a HGTV FREAK! This is an apartment, I can not wait until I get a condo or home. It will be the BOMB DOT COM!!! Wanted to share with you guys so far, what do you think?! 

Behr’s “Beach Towel” semi gloss paint at night
Behr’s “Beach Towel” in the day.

Posting Videos-I Need A Member From the GEEK SQUAD!!


Is there anyone else who’s having issues with posting videos, to their blog? I’ve been trying now for about a month.. Is this something we have to pay for now? Please follow bloggers, help the kid out! I have not forgotten about my 50 followers! I’m coming back with that “NEW NEW” very soon! Just gotta figure this video issue out! All is well with me! With working full time, gym, and being a full time college student, it can get HECTIC!!!! But, again all is well! Just thinking of a masterplan to revamp this here blog of mine! Thank you for being patient. I want to hear from you all! How is everyone doing? Til next time my kinky coily lovelies! 






Crochet braid WARNING! I do NOT recommend marley hair for this particular protective style.. It’s VERY hard to maintain and begins to look matted QUICK if not braided and dipped in BOILING water nightly!! It’s only been 1 full week and I’m OVER IT! Love the volume and styling.. HATE the hair worn loosely! Next time I do these I will use a different type of hair! Thank GOD I had YOGURT to comfort me! Lol! BTW that Kroger “carb master” brand is THEE BOMB! 60 calories. And 2 grams of sugar! #WinningWinningWon!

Feel Good Thursdays!

Every Thursday I will post a “Feel Good” type of song, from my fave artists! Today we have Zo hailing from DETROIT, MI who’s in the group ‘Foreign Exchange” as well! This here is “Count To Five” from Zo’s album “Man Made” the video has nothing to do with the song, it’s just some nice imagery! Simply loves the KIDS! enjoy my coily, curly lovelies!