Imported from Detroit! Living in a Michigan suburb

Bio: Hello All! I'm a 20 something naturalista! I'm from Detroit, MI, and I've been natural for 7 yrs! I'm a lover of ALL things natural, a foodie, a newly health and fitness nut, a lover, a loyal friend, and an all around fun person to be around! This blog will take you on a journey regarding ALL things natural, and THEN some! Come and take a ride with me! Thank you for peeping into my world! Love yourself and life will be GREAT!

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3 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hey Rae! Something went wrong with my email.. It was deactivated due to it being hacked.. I’m trying to get it back because the password to my blog is there. I cant post or anything. Im very sad about this. 😦 u can add this email “sdjames215@yahoo.com

      1. Oh no! I was wondering what was going on. I’m sorry to hear that. Well if you get a new blog up, let me know the info for it. Maybe we can help give some life to it =(

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