Posting Videos-I Need A Member From the GEEK SQUAD!!


Is there anyone else who’s having issues with posting videos, to their blog? I’ve been trying now for about a month.. Is this something we have to pay for now? Please follow bloggers, help the kid out! I have not forgotten about my 50 followers! I’m coming back with that “NEW NEW” very soon! Just gotta figure this video issue out! All is well with me! With working full time, gym, and being a full time college student, it can get HECTIC!!!! But, again all is well! Just thinking of a masterplan to revamp this here blog of mine! Thank you for being patient. I want to hear from you all! How is everyone doing? Til next time my kinky coily lovelies! 




4 thoughts on “Posting Videos-I Need A Member From the GEEK SQUAD!!”

  1. Have you tried embedding the code onto the text tab area instead of the main content area? I follow you on Instagram @naturaltalez. I’ll ask you over there. By the way, I love your blog and I’ll be reading often.

  2. do you have an “html” area that you can easily access whenever you write in your blog? the last time i checked (tho it wasn’t recently) wordpress let’s you post using regular text OR using html – for all those techno savy ppl.
    putting the embed code into the html area should work?

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