Feel Good Thursdays!

Every Thursday I will post a “Feel Good” type of song, from my fave artists! Today we have Zo hailing from DETROIT, MI who’s in the group ‘Foreign Exchange” as well! This here is “Count To Five” from Zo’s album “Man Made” the video has nothing to do with the song, it’s just some nice imagery! Simply loves the KIDS! enjoy my coily, curly lovelies!


The Greenhouse Effect


The Greenhouse Effect

TheGreenHouseEffect spritz hair with water.. Apply a light oil like coconut to your protective style in my case “Cleo prison braids” cover with a plastic cap and cover with satin scarf. Go to sleep and VIOLA’!!! Soft and moisturized hair! VERY important for 4 type hair! Think about plants in a greenhouse.. YEP! That’s the purpose of this method #SimplyNatural313 aye! Don’t judge my pics on my living room wall.. I have judgemental ass ppl following me.. It’s kinda sad.. But whatevs.. Marilyn Monroe is to women as Scarface is to men… Now what? Hope you all had a #SundayFunDay